Why PCS?

Why should you choose Professional Computer Solutions, LLC.
as the choice for your utility accounting software and system needs? Here are a few simple reasons:

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The Partnership

As PCS begins building a relationship with a utility, the underlying premise is that of establishing and nurturing a long-term partnership. The Utilit-e Solutions Suite can fulfill any utility needs, but equally if not even more important, is the experience, knowledge, and services PCS provides. The partnership begins with the discovery process and continues through project management, training, live implementation, and beyond.

Discovery: Developing the Blueprint

The discovery is an on-site visit where the PCS implementation team travels to the utility and conducts a thorough needs analysis. From these in-depth discussions, a scope document is developed. This document details areas discussed which require either change in the utility’s current policies or procedures or modifications to the application itself. Each area is presented in a detailed task write-up, which identifies and details current procedures, agreed upon modifications to those procedures, any software modifications required to accomplish the task, as well as estimates associated with each modification.

Throughout the process of developing this scope document, the implementation team is in continual contact with the utility staff to clarify interpretations of requirements. The completed scope document is presented to the utility for review. Often a task may be presented with more that one resolution. The utility can then decide which tasks and/or alternatives best fit their environment.

Project Management: The Key to a Successful Installation

PCS takes a professional project management approach with each application implementation. Project management truly begins prior to the discovery visit but shifts into high gear upon receiving the utility’s scope approval in accordance with the discovery document. The PCS installation project manager, along with the utility’s project manager, defines the time line and milestones of the installation. Throughout an installation the PCS project manager monitors and manages the defined tasks and reports the progress to the utility. This process provides a means of ensuring the project is staying on course by identifying scope creep and providing an avenue to voice concerns.

Training: Knowledge Enabling Response

PCS provides intensive and thorough training classes. The training is designed to equip the users with knowledge and confidence prior to implementing their new Utilit-e Solution application.

Live Implementation: Confidence to Conquer All

PCS provides on-site support during live implementation. The purpose of live implementation is to ensure the successful utilization of the application. The PCS implementation team is on-site to guide the users through the first real life encounters of various situations as well as to assist and resolve any unexpected items that may arise.

Conversion and live implementation of the Utilit-e Solution Suite are only the beginning of an on-going relationship. PCS doesn’t just want to be your vendor of choice but wants to be a chosen partner. As a partner, PCS is committed for the long term. This means PCS will raise the difficult questions and help identify the total costs in order to ensure success and satisfaction.

A Client Focus

PCS believes in putting the needs of their clients first. PCS further believes in providing the effort needed upfront to get to know their organization and ensuring PCS is a good fit. PCS makes every effort to form a relationship with client staff that will provide their organization with quality, trained professionals in the use of PCS applications.

Finally, PCS invites our customers to comment how PCS can serve them better. At regular user group meetings, PCS users come together to review new software, share ideas on software enhancements, and discuss future products.

This entire package -- cutting-edge tools combined with full-support services -- sets PCS apart and makes PCS the choice for utility accounting software and system needs.

PCS is happy to discuss all products' features and even provide utilities and staff with a free, on-site demonstration of PCS software.