PCS Business Developers

PCS Business Developers
Bring Diverse Background and Experience to Your Utility

Western and Eastern Region

Kim Ingerslev
Kim Ingerslev Senior Vice President

Kim Ingerslev represents the Eastern half of the United States for the PCS sales team. Kim has over 40 years’ experience in managing and directing development of utility software solutions and has in-depth experience in the management of the entire utility operations.

Kim enjoys working with utility management in their decision-making efforts in providing solutions that exceed their expectations and provides them with even greater success. Kim is a staunch advocate of the PCS solutions and in working with utility staff he authenticates the PCS corporate mission statement, “to assist utilities to be successful by providing high-quality solutions.

Central Region

Nate Houston
Nate HoustonRegional Business Developer

Nate Houston represents the Western half of the United States for the PCS sales team. Nate brings experience in marketing and project management. Nate loves working with people, building relationships and providing products and services that will make their lives easier. “All of my working life, I’ve enjoyed the people aspect of the job. My ability to create, maintain and value those relationships is a characteristic I plan to continue.”

Nate’s free time is spent with his family and split between the golf course and house projects. His favorite quote is “You, and only you, are responsible for your success.” When Nate calls to introduce himself, I hope you will take his call. .