Management Team

The PCS Management Team Approach

PCS is managed by a team of experienced dedicated people who believe in the approach of the sum being greater than the total of individual skills and personalities. The Management Team functions as a board of directors and makes all strategic decisions of the Company. While its CEO provides strong leadership, the PCS culture is one of teamwork. Strategic decisions are made with careful analysis and with contributions made by each Management Team member bringing their individual skill sets into the information gathering and decision making process. PCS has been successful over many years with this approach.

The Management Team is made up of the following staff members.

Angie Miller
Angie Miller General Manager

General Manager

As General Manager, Angie directs all aspects of the Customer Information/Billing solutions, Utilit-e Connect, Utilit-e Insight, Utilit-e Central and Utilit-e Online.

Angie's experience is concentrated in the areas of utility billing, customer information systems and accounting practices. She has an Accounting Degree from the University of Northern Iowa, and has obtained her CPA designation. Angie's competencies include an in-depth knowledge of the billing application, as well as, exhaustive knowledge and experience with customer billing, monthly reporting requirements, and other components of a total Customer Information System.

Angie's primary competency is her ability to effectively manage highly sophisticated, complex projects, and deliver value-added products and services to each client.

Danyel Jepsen
Danyel JepsenSenior Vice President, Finance.

Administration Team Member

As CFO, Danyel provides a valuable tool-set to the organization including business leadership. She is an instrumental part of the strategic and tactical planning process and plays an essential role in establishing and maintaining sound, ethical business practices. Prior to joining PCS in 2013, Danyel served as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the Denison area for 10 years including substantial auditing experience in governments and utilities.

One of Danyel’s key initiatives is to develop benchmarking and project costing strategies to ensure the delivery of services to our clients that is done in a cost-effective, timely manner. In addition, Danyel is responsible for integrating quality standards into our costing model. Danyel also serves as an in-house expert in the development of our accounting applications.

Danyel has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Accounting from the University of Iowa and a Master of Accounting from St. Ambrose University. She is a member of the Iowa Society of CPA’s (ISCPA), the American Institute of CPA’s (AICPA).

Marc Rowedder
Marc Rowedder Financial Applications Manager

Marc manages the development and deployment of PCS' financial application products and services and is the PCS expert on the financial application Utilit-e Insight. Marc has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Buena Vista University. He has spent most of his career at PCS and has been instrumental in the evolution of the financial application model.

Marc and his team focus on integrating data processing within a client organization to provide the most efficient information management solution. Marc has deployed and supported both in-house and third party accounting software and has been highly effective in all phases of deployment, including analysis, installation, training, and support. The Financial Applications team is focused on “continuous improvement” and is prepared to assist clients in this process.

Carl Ladwig
Carl LadwigInformation Technology Services Manager

It was a short year and a half ago that we introduced Carl to everyone. The time has gone quickly. As of February 1st, Carl has been filling some pretty big shoes! With Joe’s retirement at the end of February, Carl was able to step right in and take over the ITS team. That also includes Utilit-e Central, the hosting center. Rest assured that Carl and team are protecting each and every byte of your information!

As previously noted, Carl comes to PCS will 25 years’ experience in the telecommunications and data networking field. He discovered his love for this field during his time in the United States Marine Corps. While Carl is a stickler for details, he can be adaptive to changing circumstances as well. Which is a good thing, I think we all have discovered that technology is always changing!!