Utilit-e Insight

The District’s relationship with PCS continues to amaze me. I remember the very first conversation I had with Marc. My past experience with software – IT people had not been positive so I reluctantly returned the phone call. It has been a dream from day one. I knew from the “check the box” examples that PCS had methods to process accounts payable without the piles and batches. Once again you have gone beyond the call of duty. So happy to pay you the minimal training fee. I owe my success at Kittitas PUD to the staff members at PCS.

Utilit-e Insight

I have been working with some of PCS’s Utilit-e Insight Accounting modules for about two weeks now.  Although I do not know all aspects of the individual modules yet, what I have learned and implemented so far has worked very well. I am very impressed with the Accounts Receivable and Payroll modules. Both offer options that our previous software was not able to provide. The modules are also user friendly and easy to learn. I have also found that the modules’ look and processes are similar, making it easier to learn multiple modules quickly.

Also, the staff at PCS is very professional. The discovery and training days were intense, but Deb was so easy to work with and knowledgeable about cooperative accounting and the software, which made the transition fairly easy.  Although, I have much more to learn, I am confident that PCS will continue to enhance their software and provide Traverse Electric with stability and the capability to change along with technology and our needs

Insight webinar on AP/PR void check processes

The training helped strengthen our everyday business process and helped serve to make our processes more efficient.

Utilit-e Connect

I would like to say that I was extremely pleased with the way PCS staff was able to the conversion from Cogsdale to Connect. Also the training we received from Brenda was done in detail to the point that we started working in Connect with a good sound knowledge of the system. This week Angie and Brenda were kind to review with us some of the areas that we had forgotten, and gave us other pointers that will be very useful for our future daily work. Thank you for all your assistance in helping us with decisions that needed to be made.


I really like the integration between the modules, the system is so easy to navigate and it just makes sense....and my financial reports are always in balance." We no longer track our customers extension requests, deposits, service orders requests, etc. manually. The module integration reduces the time to balance, and eliminated the manual spreadsheets.

I can't imagine what it would be like trying to run our utility today the way we did with our old system.


Since moving to PCS from our old system, we are more streamlined and have become nearly twice as efficient as before. We have auatomated many processes that were previously done manually. Now we have people actually looking for work to do. The busy work is gone because the system handles more of our daily work.


Utilit-e Central (Hosting) and PCS IT Services

We have been using Utilit-e Central for a few years now and it has eliminated a lot of the IT functions that went along with having a server in house. If there are problems with a server, hardware and software upgrades are needed, it is a seamless transition and we keep right on working. The security of knowing that backups are made and stored off-site and PCI compliance issues are taken care of is also beneficial."


The instructors with PCS have always been very polite and helpful, as well as knowledgeable."

Training / Excel Report Training

Even though I have been using Excel to write reports, I still learn something new with each webinar you have had on Excel Report.

Training / Webinars

I really enjoy webinars because they are such an efficient way for me to gain knowledge about so many subjects. Keep up the good work!"

Utilit-e Insight

The thing that stands out in my mind with respect to Utilit-e Insight, is the integration between modules and intuitive flow of the software it brings to our operation. This value was evident when we were evaluating software five years ago and is still evident today. Utilit-e Insight is also the best supported software that I use. There is always a knowledgeable person available to answer my questions within a reasonable amount of time.