Our response to COVID-19

March 20, 2020

Dear CSA Members and PCS Clients,

As we continue to prepare our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CSA and PCS remain committed to ensuring the safety of our employees, their families, and the employees at our members and clients. Additionally, our efforts are geared toward measures to keep our tradition of excellent customer service intact, even in these difficult times. As of today, CSA and PCS have completed the following measures:

  • All non-essential travel has been suspended. Non-essential travel is being defined as any travel that does not address an immediate, critical need at one of our member/client locations through April 15, 2020.
  • CSA/PCS has suspended all travel to trade shows, conferences and other group gatherings through April 15, 2020. (Many of our scheduled events have already been cancelled or postponed.)
  • CSA/PCS will not host any meetings, classes, etc. in our offices through April 15, 2020.
  • CSA/PCS have closed their buildings to all guests with minimal exceptions for suppliers.
  • CSA/PCS will continue enhanced sanitation measures in our offices and enhanced illness leave policies for our employees.
  • All employees of CSA/PCS have established and tested remote work-from-home connectivity and processes to ensure that communications lines are open and that all required work processes can be completed.
  • CSA/PCS have reviewed all business continuity plans and updated as needed to address this specific epidemic.

Beginning Monday, March 23, our expectation is that less than 50% of our available staff will be in the CSA/PCS buildings. Reducing the occupancy of the building will create more space between employees and reduce exposure to this or any other illness. Remote employees will work from home and be available during normal working hours and they will be completing normal tasks on behalf of our members and clients. Both CSA and PCS have tested working under these conditions, and we feel confident all is in place.

The executive staff at CSA will continue to meet, either face-to-face or through other means if required, approximately twice weekly until the situation dictates a change. Should the federal, state or local governments place additional limits on domestic travel and public gatherings, CSA and PCS will cooperate with all guidelines and restrictions. CSA and PCS management will continue to monitor this situation daily and we will inform our members/clients if there is a material change in our status or our ability to provide unmatched service.

For as long as this situation continues, CSA/PCS encourages you to monitor the CDC, World Health Organization, and coronavirus.gov websites for the most up-to-date and accurate information available to the public.

Please understand that we at CSA and PCS remain dedicated to serving our members and clients to the best of our ability during this challenging time. We will be providing an update to our members/clients (approximately one each week or as circumstances dictate) while America and the world fight this global problem.

If you have any additional questions, please call any member of CSA or PCS executive management for more information.


Tom Underwood
Chief Executive Officer