In a world where businesses are navigating how to continue the same day-to-day activities but still stay 6ft apart, the coronavirus pandemic has forced many to get creative. Virtual meetings and online conferences are becoming the new normal. What was once an experience for fast food or movies has become common practice for many utilities to host their membership meetings. Federated Rural Electric in Jackson, MN held a drive-in version of their 85th Annual Meeting and they were able to do this using PCS’s Meeting Registration App.


“We utilized the Meeting Registration App for our 2020 annual meeting, and it was a life saver.  Due to COVID-19 regulations in our state, we held our meeting in drive-through style.  The app enabled us to quickly scan the bar code on the member’s registration slip and keep our 6 feet distance. We utilized cell phones and tablets to do the scanning and the devices’ cameras were able to see the bar codes without trouble. It was nice to have an automatic count of the number of registered voters throughout the meeting. And we love the feature that it allows for an automatic bill credit to post to the member’s account saving us data entry time,” commented Julie Resch, CFO of Federated. “PCS was instrumental in making sure our implementation went smoothly and was available to us the day of our meeting for any questions.” she added.

drivethrough3 “The meeting registration application allows a utility to electronically register meeting attendance. Attendees can be registered by scanning a barcode from the invitation they received in the mail or by looking them up in the web portal by name, address, or various other search options. The application tracks who is registered, allows you to randomly select prize winners and has the ability to generate a bill credit for those that attended. This has been implemented at several utilities for use at their annual meeting, but the same application could be used to track attendance for other types of meetings, like employee meetings or safety meetings.” said Shelley Lee, Financial Applications Supervisor.

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