In release 21.2 PCS completed a development project for Employee Notifications. This feature enables the utility to send notifications to their employees when changes are made on their employee record 1) personal information 2) pay rate changes 3) deduction changes 4) direct deposit changes and 5) when payroll checks, or direct deposits are generated.  An employee can sign up to be notified of any or all these changes and choose whether they would like the notification to come via email or SMS text***.

How it works –

There is a one-time setup for the various subscriptions. Next, the employee (or payroll user) sets up which subscription they would like to be notified on, and how to be notified. 

Employee Notifications Photo 1   Employee Notifications Photo 2

Payroll checks are run, or changes are made to the employee record, the employee is automatically notified. There is also a log entry for each notification.  Like notifications in Connect, the emails can be tailored if needed. 

Employee Notifications Photo 3

The employee can view a history of changes in the Employee Portal.

Employee Notifications Photo 4

*** This feature requires integrated messaging (for emails) and text messaging license (for SMS text). Contact your business developer for pricing!