Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence transforms raw data into meaningful and useful information for business decision making.

Orbit Customer Management & Billing

Key Features

  •  Prebuilt queries
  • Easy to use and filter records
  • Easy access to information without programming
  • Provide information to non-traditional users without cost of application access
  • Scalable to any organization
  • Built with latest Microsoft tools including Excel and Power B


Value to Utility

  • Reduce need for direct access to database
  • On-demand updates
  • Solution provides access to data, charts, graphs and pivot tables, visual presentation
  • Save money by reducing custom reports
  • Foundation for utility to create additional reports and dashboards.

Value to Utility Staff

  • Access to information without the need to directly connect to the application or database
  • Usable by all levels of staff, board, and management
  • Reduces need to create in-house custom reports
  • Excel is the tool employees feel comfortable using 
  • Allows staff to tailor dashboards to fit utility specific business requirement

Professional Computer Solutions, LLC (PCS) clients have a strong need to use their data to manage many aspects of serving customers, seeking operational efficiency gains, and cost control initiatives.  To help meet this need, PCS has developed a BI solution based on a set of core informational datasets, reports, and visual presentations.

Definition of Business Intelligence: Business Intelligence refers to computer-based techniques used in identifying, extracting, and analyzing business data such as revenue, operational cost, and statistical information. Business Intelligence transforms raw data into meaningful and useful information for business decision making.  BI technologies provide historical, current, and predictive views of business data.  Common functions of BI technologies are reporting, analytics, business performance measurements, benchmarking, visual presentations, etc. 

Built with the Latest Microsoft Tools:  All BI outputs and visuals are built with Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Power BI.  Excel is a desktop standard, easy to use, easy to filter records, and designed to build charts, graphs, pivot tables and informational dashboards.  Microsoft Power BI is the latest technology available to build stunning visual presentations.  PCS has developed within the BI solution with pre-built datasets accessing the core Insight and Connect data structures.

Evolution of Reports to Dashboards: Historically, reports are typically column and row sets of records created from raw data but fail to deliver dynamic insights to the data.  Dashboards on the other hand are more effective in delivering an important point, message, trends, and greater understanding of the underlying data.  A well-designed visual presentation will incorporate graphs, color, symbols, and other graphical tools to engage the reader

BI Access: The BI solution can be deployed to a small number of users or scaled to as many users as required.  User access is designed by the PCS installation team.  Once established, the BI solution is extremely easy to use and user friendly.  Access can be granted to all levels of the organization including managers, supervisors, staff, and board members.