Orbit™ Meter Data Management

Orbit MDM transforms extensive meter and account data into fast, useful analytical reporting through an easy to use graphical interface

  • Easy-To-Use & Reliable
  • Impeccable Customer Information Source
  • Single & Mass Remote Disconnects & Connects
  • Current & Historical Use Statistics
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • CIS & AMI Vendor-Neutral Interface
  • Hosted, Cloud or Hybrid Implementation
  • VEE Integrity
  • Two Scalable App Sizes
  • Time -of-Use Supported

Orbit Meter Data Management (MDM) is a middleware software system that associates the information from the meters through the AMI system and culminates in the utility’s CIS system. Routinely, Orbit MDM collects over 3,600,000 annual reads of raw AMI data from a single meter and transforms that into graphical depictions and concise customer use information. Data management inherent with the MDM system affords retrieving current and historical information from interval meter reads as frequently as every 5 minutes. Responding to customer inquiries as well as a first-hand monitor of distribution assets such as transformers and meters, is a standard function of the Orbit MDM system. Multiple service types such as electrical, water and gas are easily managed by directly selecting a tab. Similarly, changing viewing information from any year, month or day period is also easily performed with the Orbit MDM system. Interfaces are available today for all major AMI vendor systems and the list of CIS systems supported continues to grow. The industry standard VEE function completes the functionality of Orbit MDM – A Smart MDM System for Smart Utilities.

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