Orbit™ BoardBusiness

Meeting agenda templates allows ... For the creation of multiple meetings using the same agendas

  • Compatible with Apple and Android devices
  • Meeting Agenda Templates
  • Business Documents
  • Meeting Archival
  • PDF digital note taking

How much time is spent in getting packets ready for Board meetings? The Orbit BoardBusiness allows you to put together one meeting “packet” that is viewable by all board members. The application is viewable on both Apple and Android devices. Meeting agenda templates allows for the creation of multiple meetings using the same agendas. Business Documents, such as the utility employee handbook and policy and procedures, can be archived for easy access by board members. Meeting packets from prior meetings can be saved in the Meeting Archival area for review as needed. PDF editors, like Adobe, allow the board members to make digital notations, comments, or to put “sticky” notes onto PDFs that only they can see as meeting reminders.

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