Orbit™ Interactive Voice Response

Orbit™ IVR provides adaptable, dynamic call trees based on utility needs and preferences

  • Customizable to meet individual utility needs and preferences
  • Customers have access to data and information more easily
  • Menu options and routing adaptable to customer data
  • Multiple call trees based on rule sets and priorities
  • Intuitive management console
  • Integration with CSA’s Outage Management System

The Orbit Interactive Voice Response (IVR) provides a highly customizable, interactive phone routing system to handle customer interactions and call flow. Provide customers with the desired experience by using built-in, automated voices or record custom audio messages for a more personal encounter.  Virtually any available customer data can be made readily available through the use of an intuitive call tree prompt system allowing for more productive customer service representatives and more satisfied customers. When major outage situations occur, the IVR is an invaluable tool for customers to report outages, check status of reported outages and receive outage updates via voice phone call or text message (SMS) through the IVR’s direct integration with CSA’s Orbit ™Outage Management System.

From a business management perspective, the IVR provides adaptable, dynamic call trees based on utility needs and preferences. Whether one simple call tree is preferred, or a more complex tree structure is necessary, the IVR’s configuration-based framework supports multiple call trees built around priorities and rule sets. This allows the IVR to adapt itself and the available tree to satisfy these priorities and rule sets, such as accepting a standard tree for normal business hours Monday through Friday but adopting a completely different tree for after-hours and the weekend. The intuitive management console provides utility decision makers with easy access to statistics and management tools for managing priorities, rule sets and essential call tree information.

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