Utilit-e Connect

Utilit-e Connect is an all-encompassing customer information (CIS) / billing application.

Orbit Customer Management & Billing
  • Capable of billing an extensive list of services
  • Easy to use, easy to navigate, easy to train
  • Allows users to customize menus and grids based on their needs
  • Supports printing statements in house or via a third-party bill printer
  • Seamless integration with web-based customer portal, phone application, credit reporting and Utilit-e Insight financial information system

  • Cashiering solution handles walk-up customer traffic, mail-based payments, and customer calls.
    • Cashiering supports cash, check, eCheck and credit card payments.
    • Over 13 methods for the customer to pay including Cashiering, web customer portal, phone app, IVR, bank bill pay, website quick pay, Kiosk and more!
  • Integrated messaging solutions providing many events when to contact the customer including:  bill generation, payment posted, delinquency events, budget amount change, landlord account activated, planned outages and more…
  • Capable of both paper-based and mobile/electronic service orders
  • Powerful integration engine providing web services for AMI, MDM, GIS, OMS, Staking, IVR, and Bar Coding allowing the utility to choose solutions that work the best for them. 
  • Integrated Prepay billing solution, no need to purchase a third-party solution

Utilit-e Connect is an all-encompassing customer information (CIS) / billing application capable of accommodating the needs of large and small utilities alike. Connect has the strength, flexibility, and scalability to go beyond simply meeting the needs of today’s business requirements.

Connect provides for the capability to bill for a myriad of services including electric, water, sewer, propane, long distance telephone, Internet/Broadband, cable, trash, security lights, and loans. The services for which a utility bills may be owned by one company or multiple companies, one fund or multiple funds.  Regardless of the organization’s legal structure – Connect will manage the revenue and receivables within and between companies and/or funds. While managing this information internally, Connect facilitates generating one statement for a customer for any combination of services at one or many locations.

There is nothing more important than providing world-class customer service and Connect is dedicated on doing so. The application is designed around the operator and his/her needs to serve the customer. Information is presented in logical groupings with ease of access. Input wizards and field validations are carefully utilized and designed to assist in streamlining the process, ensuring accuracy and presenting options to customers